EPDM Roof Restoration

An EPDM roof is primarily designed for flat or low-slope roofing structures. While traditional shingles or rolled roofing may not perform well on flat roofs, rubber is bonded at the seams with glue to create a continuous barrier. This allows EPDM roofing to keep water from penetrating the roof structure and leaking into the building. Rubber roofing also helps to protect buildings against wind and other exterior elements.

Professional Coating System Application by Filbrun Enterprises

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Building roof with water tanks
Man coating a roof with white paint
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EPDM / Mod-Bit Coating Systems

With Conklin's innovative roof recoating systems, you can actually extend the life of your existing EPDM or Modified Bitumen roofing system and save on energy costs at the same time. An EPDM coating system is an effective and economical alternative to a complete tear. Conklin's elastomeric roof coatings provide cost-effective roof restoration for approved single-ply substrates, resulting in improved energy savings, and years of new life for an old roof!

Adding a white, energy-efficient, lightweight coating on top of your current black EPDM roof is the smart choice for a number of reasons. You can:

  • Possibly avoid the expensive tear-off and haul away of your existing roof and the tremendous workplace disruption it causes.
  • Potentially save enough in cooling costs to pay for your recoat within just 7 years! With Energy-Star-rated white top coats, they reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat rays, cooling your roof and building naturally so you spend up to 30% less on air conditioning.
  • Possibly qualify for new federal tax credits and/or rebates earmarked for energy-efficient projects.

Today there are millions of square feet of heavy, black BUR, and Mod-Bit. roofs in serious decline due to age and the effects of thermal expansion.


Filbrun Enterprises can apply one of Conklin's lightweight, white, reflective coatings directly on top of existing substrates, allowing Ohio commercial building owners to save substantial time and money.

  • Highly reflective
  • Cooler roof surface
  • Extended roof life
  • Energy Efficient